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Harp for My Beloved Woman

Director: Maksym Mekheda

DOP: Anatolii Sakhno

Script writers: Maria Bek, Olena Boiko

Composer: Dmitrij Shurov

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Vladyslav Riashyn

Genre: melodrama

Cast: Olena Shevchenko, Anatolii Zhuravlev, Olga Volkova, Oleksandr Krasko and others.

A single mother Zoya is a 35-year old associate professor with a 14-year old son. Blindly in love with 25-year old Igor, a handsome but less than gifted postgraduate, Zoya cannot see that Igor is obviously using her to help him pass her course. Meanwhile, her childhood friend and neighbour, Vasia, is truly and desperately in love with her but Zoya is so infatuated with Igor that she fails to notice his true feelings. When Igor invites Zoya away on the pretence of a holiday, his real purpose being to ask her to write another chapter of his dissertation, a young lady, Liudmila unexpectedly turns up. While Igor introduces her as his sister, it soon transpires that Liudmila is actually his fiancee. Heartbroken, Zoya returns home to a devoted Vasia who remembering how much she loved music at school, presents her with a harp and she finally sees him for what he really is – a wonderful and devoted man.

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