FRESH production

Surprise me!

Director: Ivan Kravchyshyn

DOP: Volodymyr Saviak-Krukovskyi

Script writer: Mykola Stsynar

Composer: Masha Portnikova

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Viktor Myrskyi

Genre: lyric comedy

Cast: Oleg Shtefanko, Valeriia Arlanova, Radmyla Shegoleva, Stanislav Boklan, Maksym Nelypa and others.

Stanislav — a successful and wealthy man living in a small town — can be hardly surprised by anything. He lives his lazy life in a way that corresponds to his status: a beautiful woman is near him, no limits for wasting money, drinking and doing lots of crazy things. Once being drunk he steals a car. After some drive the oldie is getting crashed. The car owner Elena came from Moscow to deliver lectures on ancient Slavic culture. By chance Stanislav attends one of her lectures… Elena does not recognize her offender. Neither Stanislav suspects that treated so rudely the charming woman. And when they recognize each other they can not help admiring of themselves, of the life and caprices of love.

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