FRESH production

A Cereal Day

Director: Maksym Mekheda

DOP: Viktor Lysak

Script writer: Mykola Stsynar

Compose: Valery Antoniuk

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna

Genre: drama

Cast: Mykhailo Zhygalov, Georgii Shtyl, Anatolii Kotenev, Lina Budnyk, Nina Antonova, Natalia Dolia, Olesia Samaieva, Viktor Saraikyn and others.


An unpleasant incident happens in a semi neglected mud flow, where only a few old men live – getting in a swindler abandons pensioners without living. Not seeing other solution, a former front-line soldier Alex Nick goes to the town for selling an icon to let old men live up to the receipt of next pension. However an antiquarian which he speaks to appears to be a criminal and sends the subfir-groves to rob the old man. The badly beaten pensioner was taken to the hospital which becomes a starting point for his further mishaps.

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