FRESH production

A Music Teacher

Director: Galyna Kuvyvchak-Sakhno

DOP: Anatolii Sakhno

Script writer: Alla Stsynar

Composer: Serge Grimalsky

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Vladyslav Riashyn

Genre: melodrama

Cast: Lidiya Velezheva, Ivan Shvedov, Pavlo Novikov, Ivanna Sakhno, Taras Sakhno, Petro Beniuk and others.

He is an unemployed composer whose obvious intelligence is unfortunately undermined by his absentmindedness and self-absorption. She is beautiful, energetic and self-assured, runs her own company, which consumes all her time and energy. Consequently her children, largely neglected and left to their own devices, are mischievous and undisciplined, and in desperate need of guidance and supervision. Not clearly what can unite these different people, but, nevertheless, the destiny has prepared for them a meeting. As it has appeared, with far-reaching consequences …

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