FRESH production

There Crawls a Snake


Director: Maksym Bernadskyi

DOP: Oleksandr Sakhno

Script writer: Andrii Kokotiukha

Composer: Valery Antoniuk

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Vladyslav Riashyn

Genre: detective

Cast: Mykhailo Evlanov, Emilia Spivak, Tymur Badalbeili, Igor Vernyk and others.


A young TV reporter Lena Surzha decides to make a psychological documentary series based on the murder trial she has been recently covering. Her aim is to show society’s role in causing irreversible damage to the human personality. With the help of TV producer Malinovsky, she is introduced to Maksim Glod, a detective with the Organized Crime Police Department who agrees to help her gain access to Bogdan Baglay, a murderer on whom the film is based. Lena succeeds in winning Baglay’s trust and manages to secure an exclusive interview for the first episode of the series. When the programme is finished, Lena hands over the tape to producer Malinovsky, however, unbeknown to her, he reedits the programme, sensationalizing the story in the hope of raising the ratings for his channel. Baglay watches the new programme from his prison cell. Furious that he has been depicted as a monster and that his mother has been implicated in his crimes, he vows to take his revenge. When he succeeds in escaping from prison, Lena, Malinovsky and Maksim are scared for their lives…

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