FRESH production

The Sunwheel

Director: Zaza Buadze

DOP: Volodymyr Guevskyi

Script writers: Kateryna Andriyenko, Iuliia Cherniavska

Composer: Igor Stetsyuk

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna

Genre: drama

Cast: Larysa Malevanna, Viktoriya Isakova, Igor Botvin, Sergii Romaniuk, Yaroslava Gumeniuk and others.


Anna, A head of the TV channel, is high in the social scale because of her prestigious job, a rich fianc? and influential father. However this curtain of prosperity hides the lack of the real feelings and her main problem – sterility. Having lost the hope of been cured by the traditional methods, Anna decides to visit an old sorceress who is likely to help her. This meeting changes her life and gives a way which Anna couldn’t even imagine –a way to herself.

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