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About company

Film Company FRESH PRODUCTION was founded in 2005. Its basic activity is the production of feature films, TV movies, TV Series and TV shows. Pursuing its goal to arrange the widest range of television and film production based on its own facilities and resources it had been transformed into Fresh Production Group later, in 2008. Today it unites under its umbrella the following entities:

  • FRESH PRODUCTION – production of movies, TV features and series.
  • FRESH RENTAL HOUSE –  light and camera equipment, special transport for film and TV production.
  • FRESH POST PRODUCTION – production of TV shows; technological development and technical maintenance of movies and TV feature/series production: multi-camera shooting; sound recording and mixing; editing;  post-production; technical management, administrative support of production; sound- and video-equipment rental and maintenance services.
  • TORNADO SFX – development of studio and stage special effects: atmospheric effects, pyrotechnics, airborne and underwater survey.
  • PIRATE – light, sound and stage equipment for television projects, shows, concert venues and tours and advertising events.

By now FRESH PRODUCTION GROUP has produced 22 full-length feature films, 4 TV series, 3 short films and one 165-series long TV novella.






FRESH PRODUCTION GROUP films and shows are highly rated. Their success among the viewers is confirmed both by the professional evaluation and the well-known international film festivals` awards.

Company’s highly skilled professionals working at all the stages of production are united in a close-knit team and that’s the real value for FRESH PRODUCTION GROUP.


Fresh Production Group