FRESH production

The Surprise

Director: Oleg Goida

DOP: Igor Ivanov

Script writer: Natalia Kozlenko

Composer: Oleg Shak

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Vladyslav Riashyn

Genre: family melodrama

Cast: Olena Pavlova, Natalia Antonova, Sergii Iushkevich and others.


A 13-year old Lionia begs his parents to buy him a computer for his birthday. Unfortunately, after some recent financial difficulties, Ivan and Irina inform him that he will have to wait until next year. Imagine their surprise when Lionia returns from school one day with a brand new laptop. He tells them it was given to him by a strange lady, who, it turns out, is his real mother. Zoia had abandoned her son when he was only 10 months old and ran off with an elderly millionaire. Now a rich widow, she returned from America to claim her child and her ex-husband. Irina finds her family falling apart. Ivan is torn between two women, and while Irina nobly encourages her husband and son to make their own decision, even persuading Zoia to take them back to America where they will have a better future, nothing is what it seems and there is a surprise in store for Irina…

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