FRESH production


Director: Andrii Benkedorf

DOP: Igor Ivanov

Script writers: Andrii Martynov, Iuliia Cherniavska

Composer: Serge Grimalsky

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Viktor Myrskyi

Genre: drama

Cast: Sergii Romaniuk, Sergii Astakhov, Marina Iakovleva, Naliia Lukeicheva, Oleg Vasylkov and others.


The life of a 60-year-old pensioner Nikolay Frolov is like a river flowing between two shores called’’the past’’ and ’’the presen’’t. His many years in a happy marriage, the job he committed half of his life to, respect of those around him — all this is now just fading memories of his past life. In present he is a lonesome, homeless and penniless man with a reputation stained by a criminal conviction. By all means, life didn’t treat him kind but he patiently waited for his reward… Whims of fate can be cruel, in a split of a second they can throw you out of your comfortable life, close the door, and throw away the key. Not everyone can live through the harsh challenges and retain strength of mind and purity of soul. Homeless tells a story of how to survive the fight with the twists of life and to remain a human being

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