FRESH production

Masha and the Sea

Directors: Oleksandr Daruga, Oleksandr Bogdanenko

DOP: Igor Ivanov

Script writer: Lada Luzina

Composer: Ivan Nebesnyj

Producers: Julia Cherniavskа, Oleg Shcherbyna, Vladyslav Riashyn

Genre: love detective

Cast: Anastasiia Tsvetaeva, Olga Krasko, Maksym Vitorgan and others.

Masha dreams of the sea and of playing in its waves with her loved one. However, these are only fantasies, as her relationship has recently fallen apart – before that she hasn’t had a real relationship for years. When Masha receives an unexpected offer from her friend Linda to spend the holidays with her and her fiancee, she jumps at the opportunity, despite the fact that Linda’s fiancee, Shurik is an unattractive lout. Linda is an embodiment of respectability and decorum and with a hopeless romantic such as Masha, how will the relationships in this odd group play out? On the surface, it would seem a love triangle is unlikely, however, with Linda dabbling in magic, anything could happen… Who will be her victim, and can real love triumph over sorcery?

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