FRESH production

Man for Life

Director: Galyna Kuvyvchak-Sakhno

DOP: Anatolii Sakhno

Script writer: Alla Stsynar

Composer: Vladimir Kripak

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Viktor Myrskyi

Genre: lyric comedy

Cast: Iaroslav Boiko, Viktoria Malektorovych, Volodymyr Dolynskyi, Ivanna Sakhno, Igor Gnezdylov, Sergii Gavryliuk

Julia’s life proceeds quietly and measurably. But only until the niece interferes. She decides to arrange her aunt’s future, and places a marriage announcement in the newspaper: «Looking for a man for life… ». The candidate appears to be a rigid and rude Gleb. However «a real man» does not plan to get married. Moreover, he dialed Julia’s number by mistake. To complete the picture, he managed to entangle both the aunt, and the niece in his dangerous game, in which the main prize is a container with diamonds.

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