FRESH production

The Seventh Petal

Directors: Oleksandr Daruga, Uliana Kovaleva

DOP: Igor Ivanov

Script writers: Grygorii Syratiuk, Igor Shurov

Composer: Oleg Shak

Producers: Julia Cherniavska, Oleg Shcherbyna, Viktor Myrskyi

Genre: romantic comedy

Cast: Mariia Mashkova, Volodymyr Zherebtsov, Dmytro Lalenkov, Naliia Gabryk, Georgii Drozd and others.


A young man Sasha is asked to keep an eye on a luxurious villa as long as its owners are out. In the middle of the night some disturbing noise wakes him up. What if it’s a robbery?! Fortunately, it’s not. His unexpected guests are a young woman and her little daughter. They lost money and decided to find a place for spending the night. Sasha lets them stay. He’s attracted by a pretty mother and makes good friends with the little girl. New surprises arise when a dog finds a treasure in the yard…

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