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The 4-part TV Series

The moves viewers back in time to Chernobyl of 1986. A graduate of the Pedagogical Institute Lera was sent to the city of Pripyat (one of the most comfortable and well-supplied Soviet cities) to work as a teacher of elementary grades. There she meets Vitas – the love of her life, who works as a nuclear engineer. Lera dreams of a big family but the events that took place in April of 1986 irrevocably change the lives of the heroes of the film “Black Flower“.

Author of the idea: Olga Zakharova

Scriptwriter: Nikolai Snitsar

Director: Roman Barabash

DOP: Sergei Bordenyuk

Сast: Ivan Sakhno, Olesya Vlasova, Richard Lepers, Gediminas Storpirshtis, Victor Saraykin

Production: Fresh Production company by order сhannel “Ukraine”


The first run of the film is scheduled for April 2016

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