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Scenery for filming were building for 5 months

Film pavilion for the new 32-series film “On the Line of Life”, which will soon be shown on “Ukraine” channel, was built at the plant “Lenin’s smithy” in Kiev. The team, led by famous art director Shevket Seidametov had been working on the interior and exterior for 5 months.

According to art director of the film, it would be impossible to distinguish “film hospital” from the real one: the same chamber, operating and many medical devices.

“Construction of a hospital is a very laborious process. To help the viewer feel that it is a real hospital, we built large chambers, wide corridors, found all the necessary medical equipment. This all took us 9 months. In addition, the basic architectural elements of the military hospital in Kiev were transferred to ours. So viewers will see the same brick walls and decorations around the windows.”- said Shevket Seidametov.

Fresh Production Group Company carried out the production of the film on the order of “Ukraine” channel. Scenario writing in the medical unit operating was supervised by doctors.

Events take place in the hospital, which became cut of all our society. “On the Line of Life” is a real drama that reveals the best and the worst in people – from heroism and self-sacrifice to the unprecedented meanness, greedness and meanness.

“Ukraine” TV channel increases the net of domestic production every year. “On the line of life” is our prime product because we approached very carefully to the shooting of the film. We not just rented pavilion and built some scenery. One of the best Ukrainian producers – Anton Goyda was shooting the film. Favorite Ukrainian actors played in it. We are for quality Ukrainian cinema “- commented the

chief producer of the film department of serial production of “Ukraine” TV channel Natalia Strybuk.

Author of the idea: Olga Zakharova
Director: Anton Goyda
Cast: Akhtem Seitablayev, Oles Zadneprovski, Victoria Litvinenko and Viacheslav Dovzhenko, Olga Oleksiy, Constantine Voitenko, Iana Sobolevska, Larissa Rusnak, Sergei Syplyvyy and other.
Production: Fresh Production Group

Source: TV Channel Ukraine

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