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Success of film «ІZI»

In the beginning of summer Ukrainian-Italian film “IZI” was officially selected to participate in one of the main contests of Locarno (Concorso Cineasti del presente), where the first and second full-length feature films and documentaries take part. And its premiere took place on the 8th of August in the largest cinema hall of Locarno with seats for over three thousand spectators. It is noteworthy that a part of the audience even stood in the aisles. Two subsequent festival screenings, in the hall for 500 seats, also had a full house. And even an additional session, organized at the personal request of the program director of the festival, was sold out (by the way, the main actor, Nicolas Nochella, couldn’t attend it because he didn’t manage to buy a ticket).

According to the results of the festival, Nicolas Nochella was awarded the prize of independent critics as “the best actor”. And producers of the film, Oleg Shcherbyna and Yulia Chernyavska, received offers on the sale of rights to distribution of a motion picture from 57 territories of the world.

Despite the fact that the film is going to be shown in Italy in late August, the local press is already writing about it. In particular, the most influential Italian newspaper la Repubblica, says: “Originally, easily, with a smart main character and a distinct visual style.” Independent newspaper with the expressive name “Doubt”, Il Dubbio, went further, writing that “IZI” “is a treasure of Italian comedic tradition: the legacy that many nowadays seem to have lost.” And the film critic from the site about movies OndaCinema in general defined the social role of the film: “IZI” can become (existential) manifesto of youth, which is at the crossroads. “

The film “Izi” has been filmed during 2016 in Lviv and Kyiv regions, as well as in the city of Trieste in Italy. The funding was provided by Ukrainian State Film Agency, Ministry of Culture of Italy, as well as Regional Audiovisual Fund Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The production was made by Fresh Production, Bartlebyfilm and Pilgrim Film.

The film has currently been selected for several film festivals. Additional information will be announced lately. Therefore, on August 31, “IZI” will be released in Italy. And on September 14 – in domestic distribution, where its distribution will be organized by “MMD Film Company”.

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