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The full-length film “Apostle” script produced by Fresh Production took part in Third film projects competition pitching for the forming “Production & distribution national films program in 2012-2013”.

A successful photographer, a happy husband, a father of two kids, a wonderful house owner – he has everything. He made himself. When he was young, his father left a family. But he proved his abilities for the father & the entire world. But suddenly, his father is dying. This news were bringing by his younger brother, fathers son of the second marriage. They were met for the first time. In spite of similarity in appearance, they are very unlike. He is proving nothing, he has nothing, he needs nothing except see his older brother. He loves him from the beginning; he is a weak-willed love. A permanent stained effort is in need for not loving him back.

An older brother built life became nothing. His kids, his young wife, a house – not belong to him any more. For all this years our hero made himself false. His marriage was only the honest agreement. It is obvious, looking on the sudden flashed & studiously hidden love between his brother & wife. He is living… Where? Nowhere. What for?  It is riddle, almost a mystery.

Producers: Julia Cherniavskaya, Oleg Scherbina

Script writer & director: Alexander Stolyarov

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