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Fresh Production launched the development of “Beauplan” docufiction film project.

“Beauplan” is an author “Description of The Ukraine” book interpretation. It was written in XVII century by the French engineer, inventor, writer, cartographer & artillery officer Guillaume Levasseur de Beauplan.

In his book, marquis de Boplan was describing the Ukraine of the end of the XVI & the beginning of the XVII century with already formed history, culture, traditions, faith, army.

The locations for book were chosen according to authors life & work. France – his natives (Rouen; Normandy), Poland (Warsaw, Krakov), Lithuania (Vilnius), Ukraine (Bakhchisarai, Podgoretskii castle & Ukrainian baroque in Kiev).

The project has a documentary – detective stage production form (mocumentary) in the presence of a big amount of confirmed facts, authors digressions & comments, dressing performances & reconstractions, described by Boplan.

In the mane roles were planed Bogdan Benyuk as Boplan, Anatolii Hostikoev as Khan Girey & Nichola Boklan as Bogdan Khmelnitskii.

The specialists in history, culture, preachers, politicians, painters, art critics are involved in the filming.

Producers: Yaroslav Pidgora-Gryazdovskii, Bogdan Benyuk, Julia Chernyavkaya, Oleg Scherbina.

Script writer: Konstantin Konovalov.

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